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Mobile first eCommerce backend

Build eCommerce apps faster on any platform.

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Best development workflow

We want to provide you with the best tools and ecosystem ever seen in the eCommerce development world.

Check them out on GitHub, and signup for a beta account. Be a part of this awesome growing community.

  1. git clone myMobileShop
  2. cd myMobileShop
  3. npm install
  4. bower install
  5. ionic serve
  1. git clone myAngularShop
  2. cd myAngularShop
  3. npm install
  4. bower install
  5. grunt serve
Cross platform devices

Cross Platform

Build native mobile and web apps in minutes using our SDKs for Android, iOS, Javascript and more.

Use our REST API to connect our platform to any backend or frontend application.

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Simple and powerful api

Store products, authenticate users and head them to checkout in your app with just a few lines of code.

Try our SDKs for several programming languages that wrap the http api with an easy to use interface.

Speed up your development on Mobile and Web platforms.

Feature list →
  1. var Marketcloud = require('marketcloud');
  2. var cfg = require('./config.json');
  3. var api = new Marketcloud.Api(cfg)
  4. var products =‘abc’);
  5. api.cart.addProduct(products[2]);
  6. api.cart.checkout();
  1. var cfg = {...};
  2. var api = new Marketcloud.Api(cfg)
  3. var products =‘abc’);
  4. api.cart.addProduct(products[2]);
  5. api.cart.checkout();
  1. $config = [...]
  2. $api = Marketcloud::Client($config);
  3. $products = $api::products::search(‘abc’);
  4. $api::cart::addProduct($products[2]);
  5. $api::cart::checkout();
Search engine icon

Search engine

Get more out of your customer's searches. We index your data using industry tested search engines.

Dashboard icon


A powerful and simplified control panel for your application data.

Cloud database icon

Data layer

Unified data layer that securly stores all your eCommerce data.

Ecommerce authentication icon


Authenticate your users with username and password or with social login platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.