After 3 months of work, we’re ready to introduce you Marketcloud. Our goal is to allow developers to build mobile and web e-commerce apps in a fraction ofthe time it used to take.

If you haven’t already, please check out ourwebsite, especially our documentation to see what Marketcloud can do for you!

What makes us so proud of our work is the potential inside the platform itself.Born as a marketplace for makers in January, due to our work alongside the Apio team, we receivedrequests daily about using our codebase rather than the marketplace itself.Devs where excited by the idea of focusing on the customization of the interfaces insteadof wasting time on endless backend programming and setup.They wanted an easier life, less coding and more time to spend with a cocktail on a beach.

So here's the idea: we dropped the development of an interface nobody wanted, and started focusing on anawesome REST api which allows devs to access to our real-time and scalable backend easily.In the programming languages they like the most (JS,PHP,Java,Ruby and so on).This way we provide them a powerful data layer, which abstracts the pain to access the datathey need.With a simple dashboard we allow them to generate, in few clicks, as many apps as they want andbind them with the interfaces they developed.Just that. Easy uh?

But wait! There is more.Since with great power comes great responsibility, we had to use our knowledge to makean easier way to build your interfaces.That's why we are secretly working with the most awesome app's scaffolder, Yeoman, to make your work a piece of cake.This way all you'll need to do, it's just a "yo" to begin your journey to awesomeness.

We’d love for you to join us in our adventure. Sign up for a beta key and follow us ontwitter and facebook!
Contact us any time, we love to chat about ideas and projects.Be part of this cool new community that's coming to life.