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Product variants

Products with variants are a product type in Marketcloud that lets you offer a set of variations on a product, with control over prices, stock, image and more for each variation. They can be used for a product like a shirt, where you can offer a large, medium and small and in different colors.

Table of contents

  1. Create a product with variants
  2. Add a variant
  3. Delete a variant

Create a product with variants

Open your app's dashboard then go to Inventory > Products and click on create product > product with variants.

First thing to do is to add all the basic and required information to the product, such as the name and the price.

We recommend to insert all the basic product's information now, in this way, when you create variants they will inherit a lot of information and you won't need to add it again and again.

Now we can add variants to our product. In our example we are creating a t-shirt and t-shirts can have different sizes and colors. To tell Marketcloud that your product can have variations you must create properties called variants.

When you create a variant you need to do two things:

  • Choose the variant's name, such as "size"
  • Add all the possible variant values, such as "XL", "L", "M", "S" and so on.

You can add any number of variants by clicking on the add variant button. Everytime you add a variant, the dashboard will create all the possible combinations, if you don't want a particular combination (e.g. you don't want to create the XL/Blue variant) you can un-check it.

Add a variant to an existing product

If you want to add a new variant combination to a product you already created, go to Inventory > Products and click on the product's name.

You will be taken to a new view that allows you to edit the product. Scroll down to the variant section and click the Add variant button. A modal will show in which you have to insert the values for your new variant (e.g. we can add the XL Blue t-shirt combination)

Delete an existing variant from a product

If you want to delete a specific variant from a product, go to Inventory > Products and click on the product's name.

Scroll down to the variants section and click on the delete button (the one with the trash icon) on the same row as the variant you want to remove.


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