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It will save you time and money.

30000 Visitors each month


For testing purposes

5K API requests /month
0.5 GB File storage
Dashboard usage


Or € 190 per year

100K API requests /month
1 GB File storage
Dashboard usage
3rd party Integrations


Or € 490 per year

450K API requests /month
2 GB File storage
Dashboard usage
3rd party Integrations

Nimbo Stratus

Or € 990 per year

1500K API requests /month
5 GB File storage
Dashboard usage
3rd party Integrations

Need more?
Contact us

If your application needs more resources, we can make a plan tailored on your requirements. Contact us for more informations.

Frequently asked questions

The pricing is per account or per application?

Each pricing tier is intended for each paid application created, so each application will have its own monthly or yearly subscription.
If you plan to deploy several applications on an almost regular basis, we have special deals for partner companies and professionals. Please, Contact us for more information about the partner program.

What happens if my application runs out of API calls?

There are no hard limits! If your application makes a number of monthly API calls greater than what the current pricing plan provide, we will bill those additional calls separately.

Can you invoice me?

Yes! Please contact us for details.

Can I use Marketcloud with my favorite programming language?

Sure you can! Even though we don't have SDKs for every programming language yet, you can use any programming language as long as you are able to make HTTPs requests with it!

Can I build a Marketplace application with Marketcloud?

Sure you can! With our role based authentication mechanism you can control which users can perform certain actions, such as create products and review orders.

Do you have dedicated or on premise plans?

We can install dedicated instances of Marketcloud on your servers or we can deploy those instances on our infrastructure just for you. For more details and for pricing, please contact us.

Can I import my inventory from another eCommerce platform?

Sure! We don't have an automated procedure yet, but you can send us an email and we will guide you through the process.

Will Marketcloud's data survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

We have backup plans and in case of a Zombie takeover on global scale, we will dump our databases to SSD disks and take those disks to our bunker. Your data will be safe as long as our food provisioning will keep us alive.